The first step in applying for membership within our Order

would be to register through the Lodge of Instruction.

Benefits of membership would include the following:

  • Membership within an international esoteric Masonic Fraternity.
  • Membership credentials for general lodge admission.
  • International membership passport card, allowing members to visit established lodges and lodges of other Masonic Orders with which we have amity.

  • Access to the Lodge of Instruction, ‘Sanctum Individualis’ study system. This supplementary system to the lodge workings can be studied from home. All members in good standing with the Sovereign Sanctuary International will have access to this study material which is comprised of a vast system of study monographs which cover Esoteric Freemasonry and the Greater Western Mystery Tradition. The ‘Sanctum Individualis’ allows for members to create and access the Great Astral Temple and to perform their own Inner Alchemical Workings, in addition to lodge Work.